Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"when they come back, we give back"

I've been following the boot girls over at Boot Campaign for quite awhile now. I love everything about their cause and who they are. Their mission:

The Boot Campaign was created to generate American awareness about the needs of our military men and women coming home from combat. The money raised from boot sales will go to nonprofit organizations that best serve combat veterans.

Our military heroes volunteered to put themselves in dangerous, life-threatening situations to preserve human freedom. The Boot Campaign motto is simple…“When they come back, we give back.” The Boot Girls want every person within reach of our website to tangibly give back to our
troops by buying a pair of combat boots and proudly wearing or displaying them.

Buy a pair of combat boots for $129.99, and $50.00 goes to support our veterans (THE USO, Lone Survivor Foundation, and Military Warriors Support Foundation). Can't beat that with a stick.

For months I've had my name on their list for a pair of boots. And today--just in time for Independence Day--I received word: My boots will ship mid-July!

Texas A&M Head Football Coach, Mike Sherman

Governor of Texas, Rick Perry

Houston Astros Centerfielder, Michael Bourn

Texas singer/songwriter, Aaron Watson

American Hero and Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell

NFL Houston Texans Head Coach, Gary Kubiak

Texas singer/songwriter, Bleu Edmondson

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A is for Alex

And so it begins: our first named storm of the 2010 season. As I type, Tropical Depression Alex is doing his thing out in the Gulf. Apparently he weakened over Belize but is forecasted to pick-up strength once he hovers over the warm GoM waters. Though the storm is currently trending towards Mexico, forecasters aren't ruling-out a soggy July 4th weekend along the Texas coast.An obvious sigh of relief: The storm shouldn't mess with current efforts to contain the spewing oil.

In "honor" of Alex (not really, but it's how I'm justifying it), I snagged some new rain boots yesterday at Charming Charlie. Mine resemble the photo, but they're pink and not so "dotty." Perfect for puddle stomping. So BRING IT, Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl ....

Here's to a relatively non-destructive hurricane season.

2010 Hurricane Names:

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Making big one.

Check out my new computer machine:

I feel like I've moved to a foreign country, complete with an entirely new culture, language, and way to drive.

Crazy, I tell ya. Never thought I'd be a Mac person ... but this pretty little lady had me at "hello."