Monday, September 16, 2013

mississippi yard bling

I've just relocated from one college town to another; so I'm very used to maroon adornments and paraphernalia that represent my beloved Texas Aggies.

My new zip code, however, offers a certain je ne sais quoithat is difficult to describe. Much different than the "less is more" approach to which I've grown accustomed, people in Oxford take a "let's make the front of our house look like a birthday package" approach to curb appeal.

(something tells me any self-respecting(?) guys who live in these houses don't have much say with regard to outdoor decor)

Here are some pictures I shot--literally, in about a 3 min time span--on two different streets in my neighborhood.

My little house--bare of curls, Qs, zigs, and zags--sticks out like a sore thumb.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

fall decor: the takeover

This is why I can't have anything nice.

I pull out something that's been packed away for a year, and ... Bang! Pow!

Total and complete feline takeover.
It's like she's thinking, "Yeah, this will work. Now go make me a sammich."

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

critters. i haz em.

So the move to Mississippi has been interesting. Something very "new" every day. Can't remember if I've said it here before, but it's insanely nuts how different two states that are so geographically close (e.g., Texas and Mississippi) can be.

Take, for instance, critters.

In College Station, TX, I had snakes, rabbits, butterflies, deer, armadillos, and wasps. That's pretty much it. Mississippi, however, has already shown me chickens with rats in their mouths, fireflies (LOVE these cuties), snakes (different than my TX snakes), more roaches than any human should ever have to observe, birds I haven't yet ID'd, a very random & ugly lizard, and ... Phil.

Phil is a groundhog.

He lives in my backyard. And he's cray. I love him. He doesn't love me.

Edited: OH MY GOODNESS. I just realized these two photos don't look like the same creature. I think I have two Phils.

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