Friday, October 4, 2013

college church :: oxford, ms

Since it's wholly new to me, I'm trying to see as much of the surrounding northern Mississippi area as my schedule allows. So just for grins, this morning I got in my car and drove the opposite way I normally drive on the street at the end of my block (pretty daring, huh?).

Lo and behold, this little guy--College Church--is located down the road, less than one mile from my house. I don't have the words to describe how much I love old churches and graveyards (did you know that graveyards are adjacent to churches, while cemeteries are plots of land where the deceased are buried?). 

"Events of interest include the encampment of these ground by Union troops of General Grant and General Sherman, and the marriage of author William Faulkner. The church is thought to be the model for some settings in Faulkner's novels. The church cemetery contains a number of unmarked Union soldiers' burial sites. The Session's original minutes, dating back to the 1835 organizations meeting, are safeguarded in a local bank."

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