Saturday, March 20, 2010

crab, crawfish, & an aggie win

Unless you're currently stuck in a deep hole--someplace far, far away--you're undoubtedly aware that March Madness has begun. As much as I love watching the obscenely long docket of games currently available for sports fanatics such as myself to feast upon, I've found the wait time leading up to "my games" to be interminable.

So yesterday I was in Houston, waiting to watch Texas A&M in its first-round glory, when we decided the best way to kill a few hours prior to tip-off was to ice-down the beer, boil a large pot of water, and pop-in some delicious sea-going critters. The result: the perfect salve for my frazzled nerves. Oh yeah ... a Texas Aggie victory also ensued.

It was a close-to-perfect day, filled with much-needed down-time from school/work, quality moments with my family, gorgeous spring weather in The Great State, gastronomic bliss, and good memories--from sun-up to sun-down.

Great win, Ags. Now beat the hell outta Purdue.

(I'm thinking a vigorous round of baking is in my near future)

My nephew, Aidan, watching the crawfish, prior to their "swim." According to Aidan, "Some of them are fighting with their friends."

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