Sunday, February 6, 2011


It's February. Translation: Time for the endless bombardment of Kay Jewelers-like commercials.

I do not have a significant other. But if I did have one and he decided it would be a fine idea to purchase for me a Pajamagram or a Vermont Teddy Bear ...

... he would receive the evil eye.

Seriously. Seriously? Who buys these?

I'd rather receive a dozen red carnations, "accented" with baby's breath from the grocery store.

They say where gifts are concerned, it's the thought that counts. When it comes to a Pajamagram or a Vermont Teddy Bear, that platitude does not apply.


  1. LOL...I told my mister if he ever bought me one of those teddy bears, he'd be out on the street! Cheesy!! Sorry, but I'll pass.

    I'd rather have a bunch of tulips for $5.99.

  2. I mean, really. I blame it on total laziness (and brilliant marketing). Tune in for 5 minutes to any sports radio show, and commercials pushing this stuff are incessant. Men don't want to put effort into a real gift, so they fall victim to the manufactured appeal of this "personalized," quick & easy online option.
    Oy. I pity the fool.
    (good job training the mister, Cool Gal)

  3. I've never been cold enough indoors to even consider needing a hoodie footie.