Thursday, July 8, 2010

más fotos from the border

(I'm still earning the "backroads" part of my blog moniker)

More accidental (and purposeless) images from the past 24 hours of my border sojourn.

We were stuck behind these two motorcycle miscreants for a good 20 minutes (wouldn't think of passing 'em). Thankfully an arbitrary Border Patrol stop provided the much-anticipated opportunity to bid them, "farewell" in the rear-view mirror.
Upon stopping, the Border Patrol agent leaned into our window and engaged us in the following succinct, albeit meaningful, convo:

BP: "Both of you U.S. citizens?"
us: "Yes, sir."
BP: "Have a good day."

This very rustic and obviously homemade sign was posted at the aforementioned BP exit. Made me nod my head in agreement:

On a different note ... let me just say Texas A&M International University in Laredo is a far-cry from my sacred stomping ground of Texas A&M University in College Station. But, hey, I can now say I've been, right?

And saving today's best for last ... the photographic coup de grace, if you will. I [unfortunately] captured the following image as I was leaving the UT-Pan American campus in Edinburg. I mean, seriously. SERIOUSLY? (yep--that's a real baby)?

Words escape me.

Hot time, summer in the city. And until God knows what ... adiós.

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