Saturday, July 31, 2010

that's how I [lobster] roll

Judging by my blog as of late, one would assume all we do in our fam is eat. I won't lie: We're foodies, for sure. But perhaps more relevantly, I typically have my camera with me when we're doing the meal thing.

Today is my last day in New Hampshire with my sweet nephew (oh, and his parents, too). We grabbed more seafood for lunch. From the live critters in the front, to the plastic cup of vino, to the high school boys unloading the fresh catch in the back, it was an entertaining experience.

How can you go wrong with a place called "Al's?"
Whale watching, anyone?
Some random, "decorative" buoys in the foyer that reminded me of ginormous bottles of Clicquot.
I went for the lobster roll. And I might have ordered some seafood-stuffed mushrooms too. Sue me.
Love me some oysters. Maybe next time?
The aforementioned plastic cup of wine. Cracked me up. But it was surprisingly refreshing.
Seafood-stuffed mushrooms. They were great, and I should've stopped there ...
... but I didn't ... ahem.
Lobster roll.
Aidan, giving me some lovin'.
About to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Yes. We. Are.


  1. love the pic of you and Aiden......enjoy your last day, it looks like the trip has been fantastic!

  2. AhhhH!!! I hope you brought me a lobster roll!!! Can't wait to hear about your trip! See you manana :)