Wednesday, August 18, 2010

back-to-school juice box

In honor of the students beginning to trickle back into town, I was thinking about how much more enjoyable (and productive?) my work days would be if I occasionally popped one of these mar-GO-ritas into my daily lunch bag.

Made by Cordina, the pre-mixed, ready-to-go pouches of joy are touted as "great for tubing, boating, or relaxing at the beach or pool." (What? Nothing about kicking-back at the office? An over-sight, I'm sure).
And while these grownup indulgences resemble the offspring of a late night rendezvous between a water bottle and a Capri Sun, these no-mix, no-blend, no-brainer cocktails pack a wallop, too. Says Sal, “What we use is 100% Blue Agave, where you get tequila, but instead of distilling we ferment the juice. That classifies us as a wine product. With each margarita, you’re getting the potency of two beers, or 8% alcohol!” Yee. Haw.Bonus points: If you just can’t finish your second, or more likely in my case sixth, Mar-GO-Rita, they’re resealable.
Here are the cuties behind mar-GO-ritas (per Best of Texas):


  1. too bad they don't look like capri suns so i could be sipping on one at work :)