Thursday, October 21, 2010

go west [end]

Beautiful, brilliant, and industrious Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo (ABCD) has introduced At West End into my life, and I'm tickled about it. This is a store you'll want to check out. You can thank me ... er ... ABCD later.

I had to have this shabby chic bit of whimsy from AWE: recycled pop art / Texas.

While I think it looks perfect resting on a chair in my living room (ha), I'll probably hang it in the guest room. Friends and loved ones always appreciate a metallic rendering of The Great State :).

Go browse At West End. You'll drool. Their Halloween offerings are particularly delightful--the ideal mix of class, character, and authenticity. And their Christmas bounty ... oy.



  1. Love it! and I really like that website.

  2. I checked out their web page last night.

    So many wonderful items. I have my eye on a few things for the holidays.

    Thanks for the post. Love your purchase. Wish I could hang that great state on my wall. :)

    Happy Monday!