Thursday, October 14, 2010

high school "sports"

As part of an evaluation project on which we're currently working at the ol' place of employment, I've recently been conducting classroom observations at several public schools. As a long-time early childhood person, it's been--literally--just about 20 years since I've spent any time in high schools. That's changed quite a bit over the past two weeks.

Kindergarten & 10th grade are very different beasts.

(these are the insightful, scholarly revelations I have, resultant of extensive, systematic observations)

Five-year-olds say things to their teachers like, "Do you want to come to my birthday party this weekend?" Fifteen-year-olds say things to their teachers like (and I quote): "Aw man, Coach [male teacher] ... gettcha some."

Anyway, this morning I snapped the photo on the left in the hallway of one of the high schools.

Who knew?


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