Saturday, March 26, 2011

at the park with aidan

More New England vacay shots ....

This morning we [briefly! brrrr] visited a park in Portsmouth, NH. My sweet nephew Aidan has been as patient as a five-year-old can be--actually more so--while we've dragged him all over New Hampshire and Maine over the past three days. So today was his day. We asked him what he wanted to do, and "the park" was his answer.

Did I mention it was freezing? Literally.

So here are some images of Aidan ... running, climbing, sliding, rocking, and generally completely oblivious to the frigid temperatures and brutal wind.

Me, stalking Aidan with my camera:


  1. I adore these so much.

    But I don't think your lens was even able to capture exactly how cold it was out there. That sun is so deceiving.

  2. How fun! I know you are treasuring every moment with your sweet boy. :)