Thursday, March 17, 2011

day off + new camera

My dad and his wife recently gifted me with my dream camera. I'm both ecstatic and intimated mucho, (huge learning curve ahead). Since I was off work today [sigh], I decided to drive around the Bryan/College Station metroplex :) and snap some [over a hundred] shots--literally, the first time I'd put my hands on the new toy.

This is not a blog post that few (if any) will want to read/view. And there's zero method to the random collection of these images (apart from the fact that they were all taken today); but I'm throwin' 'em up anyway.

It was a good, lazy day. Slainte.


  1. So fun! Looking forward to many pretty pictures to come :)

  2. new toys are the best. this one will be your best friend, knowing you.

    love the door handles on the Academic Bldg pic.

  3. I love the camera that I bought last year. It's become something I have a passion for and I'm trying to get better every time I use it. These are gorgeous. Great work!