Sunday, May 1, 2011

aggie graduation wine

(No, this isn't an Aggie joke. :) So if you're a hater, you're just gonna have to continue to hate and move along.)

For my maroon-blooded friends and family, I think you'll appreciate this. I was at H.E.B. yesterday (for the non-Texans, H.E.B. is a huge grocery chain here in the The Great State). I'm always looking for new wines to try, so I was a tad curious when I was summoned by an eager store employee, asking if I wished to buy some of the wine she was pushing.

"We've dubbed it, 'Aggie graduation wine' ... and people love it," she said.

Hmph. Yeah. Right. What do you take me for, lady ... an idiot? As cute (and over-the-top cheesy) as the idea was, I scoffed at the obvious marketing ploy.

(But I caved)

"What makes it 'Aggie graduation wine?' I asked?"

With a twinkle in her eye, the H.E.B. sommelier (ha!) responded, "It's festive. It'll make you smile. And it's maroon. Trust me. You'll love it."

I'm a sucker for anything and everything Texas A&M (the evil marketing people know this). And being that I'm receiving my second degree from Aggieland in a couple of weeks, can you blame me? So, looking around--making sure no one I knew saw me--I quickly grabbed two bottles of the Aggie wine and disappeared around the corner.

Fast forward to today. Guess what? The wine was fantastic. Crisp. Fruity. Multi-faceted. A sparkling, cold (something that doesn't suck on a warm Texas afternoon) Spumante that I'll definitely buy again. On top of it all, it was indeed Fightin' Texas Aggie maroon.

So without further ado, I bring you "my" Aggie graduation wine (Rocca dei Forti Brachetto) :).

Cheers & Happy May.


  1. How fun and delicious looking! Do you think they call it that at my HEB? ;)

  2. I tried this weekedn at HEB and it is indeed delish! The gentleman that encourged me to try it had it in a pitcher with a bag of frozen HEB fruit mixed...making it sort of like Sangria. It was great. I didn't purchase a bottle right then but I plan on doing so for the next gathering I attend.

  3. I absolutely love this wine!! I live in Charlotte now and the only thing that comes close to this wine out here is a bottle of Rose Regale. Man I H-town and my friendly neighborhood H.E.B. on Fountain View in the Galleria.