Friday, May 10, 2013

i teach, therefore i drink

Teacher Appreciation Week

When did that start; and how have I missed said occasion before now? Sounds like an excuse for folks to toss a platitude or two (and maybe even a coffee mug) at teachers--all in an attempt to show support.

Funny. I've never been the beneficiary of Teacher Appreciation Week. Alas, my exorbitant educator's salary and subsequent insanely adventurous lifestyle are all the thanks I'll ever need. 

Other notable appreciation weeks: Grave Digger Appreciation Week, Stun Gun Dummy Tester Appreciation Week, Theme Park Janitor Appreciation Week, Toll Booth Operator Appreciation Week, and the Guy Who Scoops Up Roadkill Appreciation Week.

So, I guess ... to all of my friends and colleagues who were insane enough to take on careers in education: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Not bitter much,
Another grateful educator

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