Saturday, April 16, 2011

becker vineyards :: springtime

I'm a sucker for Becker Vineyards wines--in my opinion, one of the Texas Hill Country's best vineyards and wineries (and that's saying something, since we certainly have our fair share of wineries in the Lone Star State).

I'm also a sucker for good marketing ... including pretty packaging and names like Springtime for a white wine. This light, crisp, and fruity wine reminds me of a Viognier, but not quite as aromatic. I'd describe it as just a plain, ol' white ... but nothing about Becker's wines is plain.

I don't know how available Becker Vineyards wines are outside of the immediate region; but if you can get your hands on any of their varietals, you won't be disappointed.

Happy spring! I'm off to do some planting (to be followed by a glass of Springtime).

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  1. Loving the label. Unfortunately, I can't find BV up here.