Saturday, April 9, 2011

a night in the french quarter

Music. Debauchery. Style. Filth. Amazing food. Freaks. History. Booze. Panhandlers. Humidity. Laughter.

Just a typical night in New Orleans.


  1. If you're still there, pls grab Aidan an updated 'Who's Your Crawdaddy' shirt ... the boy grew.

    And those red chandeliers are to die for.

  2. I'm here 'til Tuesday ... will look!

  3. I've never been, but sure would love to go.

    Fantastic pictures. You captured the city so well.

    Have fun, Beverly!

  4. Hi, my wife and I recently took a trip to New Orleans and now I'm writing a post about it on my blog. There's one spot where I'd like to put a picture of the cool lanterns that light up the street at night. Unfortunately we didn't catch any pics of them. I found the one on your site.. the one right above the Bourbon House sign pic.

    Would you mind if I used in it my post? I'd be happy to add a photo credit and link back to your site. Please let me know if that would be okay?


    1. Also, full disclosure, I may have already posted it. But if you have any problem with it, I'll take it down right away...