Saturday, January 9, 2010

baby, it's cold outside

Frozen, actually (as evidenced by the fountain in front of the LaSalle Hotel in downtown Bryan). Not unlike the rest of the country, we're in the throes of some bone-chilling cold here in The Great State. Don't get me wrong: Bryan-College Station residents are no strangers to freezing temps; but sub-freezing over a sustained period of time . . . no thanks.

Perhaps even worse, it's freakishly windy, making the wind-chill unbearable (how does anyone tolerate living in places where it's regularly like this?).

"Brent McRoberts, a research associate in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, said his review of the record books indicated that the current weather will likely be the fourth most extreme cold spell in the past 40 years.

'We looked at one where they have lasted at least three days and did a comparison,' McRoberts said. 'This looks like it's the worst one since December of '89. It is pretty significant.'"

Anyway, during times like these, there's only one thing to do: Cook. I shall therefore muster the courage to head out to the grocery store.

Wrapping on my fave new scarf from Kayla and thinking warm thoughts . . . .

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