Monday, January 25, 2010

giada + target = ♥?

I love Giada de Laurentiis. I love Target. The recent marriage of the two (January 2010) should therefore make me giddy. But I'm picky, PICKY, P-I-C-K-Y when it comes to my kitchen. So I'd decided to curb my enthusiasm--temporarily, anyway.

Lo and behold, I was at Target today and happened upon Giada's new line. It wasn't bad. Nothing flashy, nothing super contemporary. On the contrary, Giada's tools, not unlike what I love about her, were very no nonsense. And as one would expect from Target, they're extremely affordable as well.

I snapped a few [lousy] photos:

Those last two. . . the knives and covered casserole . . . $17.99 and $29.99 are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than Global and Le Creuset. Makes me want to grab 'em for a test-drive. You never know 'til you try, right?

Best of luck to Giada. I hope her latest enterprise is crazy successful!

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  1. I just saw it advertised but I still haven't seen it in person... I like what I see so far! :)