Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 wine pairings to try before you die

Hopefully I'm not facing imminent death; but according to Food & Wine, I better get busy in terms of sampling the following "must do" food-wine pairings (just in case):

1. Fino sherry & almonds--if Spanish marcona almonds are on hand, even better

2. Rich Chardonnay & lobster with drawn butter, a classic pairing of rich with even richer

3. Sauvignon Blanc & light white fish--for instance, sole--in a light, citrusy sauce

4. Riesling & poached trout--like Riesling, it's an Alsatian classic

5. California Pinot Noir & roast duck, grouse, pheasant, or any other flavorful game bird

6. Champagne & caviar, but scrambled eggs with black truffles are a close second

7. Sauternes & foie gras, which is wonderful with almost any sweet white wine

8. Amarone & short ribs braised in Amarone or a less-pricey Valpolicella

9. Cabernet Sauvignon & steak--Cabernet's tannins cut the richness of the meat

10. Zinfandel & barbecued pork--rich, red Zinfandel loves sweet-spicy foods

flickr photos (in order): CliffWrightPhotography, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, TinyBites

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  1. I love wine and will give most of these pairings a try. Thanks for the post. I enjoy any tips I can get related to food and wine! :)

    Oh, does that lobster look delicious!