Sunday, April 4, 2010

berry baskets

Are these berry baskets wonderful, or are they wonderful? Cannot wait to fill 'em with raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.
Farmers' Market Berry Baskets. Our Berry basket is perfect for serving and storing you favorite berries.

Measures 4" square x 1 3/4" high
Leave it to My Sparrow . . . they continue to lure me in with their super stylish deliciousness.


  1. OMG! Of all the adorable things you've posted lately, these are what have me commenting. MUST. OWN. NOW.

  2. I know! Are they not fantastic? And at only $12 each--such a steal. I only ordered two, and I'm thinking that's not going to do it. What I love most about 'em: You can store your berries in the fridge, then transport 'em to the table, as is. Brilliant.

    I highly recommend My Sparrow. Christina is wonderful, and she'll take excellent care of you!

  3. You are the sweetest!! Thank you so much for always being so great.. Have a good night!