Friday, April 16, 2010

the architect

Saw Karl Rove last night at the George Bush Library here on campus. I was also fortunate enough to hear him speak about a year ago (with Juan Williams), and he was fantastic; but last night's presentation was in a league of its own. Talk about one of the completely brilliant political scientists of our time. Regardless of what you think of his ideological leanings, Rove's book, Courage and Consequence, is a must-read.

Anyway, the lecture was unbelievably moving--particularly the moments when he described the minutes and hours following the 9/11 attack. Rove was as close to the situation as anyone, and his account is sobering.

Some media coverage from Rove's visit, along with a few photos I snapped (bags and cameras were not allowed inside the lecture venue):

Rove defends George W. Bush & Rove Recalls Success, Mistakes in Speech at Texas A&M

The library, at dusk, on a beautiful spring evening

Statue, with pieces from the Berlin Wall

Another shot at sunset

EDIT: I almost forgot! When we were driving off the grounds of the library, we noticed a car, parked off to the side of the road. Such a sight is highly common along the roads of Texas right now, as folks are constantly stopping to take photographs with the stunning bluebonnets and wildflowers that currently blanket the landscape.

Anyway, two people (an older woman and a young girl) had a couple of dogs on leashes and appeared to be letting the canines "take care of their business." As we neared them, we saw that the woman was none other than Barbara Bush! I don't know how the stoic-looking [federal agent] guy, wearing the dark suit and Ray-Bans didn't tip me off ahead of time as to the importance of the car's passenger. And we knew she was there, since she introduced Karl (41, who was planned to give introductions, is under the weather).

Needless to say, it was a hoot!


  1. I am so jealous! I love Karl Rove and agree with you, he's brilliant (Juan Williams, not so much! LOL).

    I've listened to Rove talk about 9/11 on Fox. Sends chills up my spine.

    I tell you, I need to move out of liberal land and become a Texan. A much better "fit" for my "ultra-conservative" views.

    Beautiful library.

  2. Girl, come on down. Plenty o' room (and no state income tax :) ).

    We'll leave the light on for you. Until then, continue carrying the torch up there in "liberal land." xxo --ba

  3. I hope Mrs. Bush's doggie didn't pee on the maroon bluebonnets. :)

    Sounds like a great evening. I'm sure Mr. Rove was glad to be home and not heckled by wackos.