Thursday, April 1, 2010

jelly beans & the bunny dish

Some of my favorite and most vivid memories from childhood involve time spent with my grandma. Come to think of it, "spent" is a terrible word; on the contrary, I should describe it as time gifted to me.

My grandparents owned a house on the Gulf Coast in Rockport, TX. Whenever we visited, my sisters and I would crash through the front door and bound up the stairs to Grandma's bedroom with a singular goal: lifting the lid on the bunny candy dish that lived on the night stand adjacent to her bed (next to the obligatory can of Coke, securely nestled within a koozie). Magically, that bunny was always filled with Russel Stover jelly beans. We would then spend the next 15 minutes strategically and meticulously sifting through each bean, snagging the reds, pinks, greens, and whites, and of course, leaving behind the oranges and purples.

How did something so small grow into such an enormously significant emotion and memory?

My eyes are always peeled for a dish like my grandma's. I've yet to find one. And this time of year makes me particularly nostalgic for the "white bunny." Surely it's likeness lives somewhere?

Happy April, happy Easter, and happy spring.

(a clear, sub-par version of the white bunny dish)


  1. Mom and I were just telling Aidan the other day about his great grandmother and her Russell Stover jellybeans.

  2. We loved this post (In SA...Dad, Ryan, and I just read it). I was never old enough to remember the bunny dish, but Ryan does. This made me smile...thanks :) Love ya!