Friday, April 23, 2010

brunch at bk?

Brunch = good
Cocktails = good
Virgin cocktails = There's a time & place
Brunch at Burger King = bad

Really? A mimosa with OJ & Moët Champagne Sprite (served in a plastic cup)? It's true: Burger King Tests Brunch Menu, Complete with Mimosas.

Not everyone is happy about BK's latest marketing ploy:
Burger King's current test of a non-alcoholic mimosa as part of a "brunch" menu is drawing concern from child advocates and other watchdog groups.

In select markets in Florida and Massachusetts, BK is advertising the availability of brunch featuring specialty items like a ciabatta breakfast sandwich -- and a variation of the traditional brunch drink. In this case, the faux mimosa is a mixture of orange juice and Sprite, instead of the usual O.J. and champagne.

This isn't the first time the folks at BK have attempted to push the envelope. And granted, I haven't stepped foot inside one of their establishments in decades. But this idea is weird. And unnecessary. And I remain a little unnerved by the "King."

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