Sunday, April 25, 2010

xo giada

One of my faves, Giada, left her mark for me on her latest book, Giada at Home.

I admit it. I borderline stalk her. She's amazing.

(Thanks, Mom)


  1. Lucky you! I adore her as well. In fact, I made a Giada recipe the other night I will be posting on my blog. Pasta Primavera. No cream. The recipe calls for roasting the vegetables in olive oil before tossing them in the pasta. So delish!

    Let us know what recipes you try.

    Nice mom, too! :)

  2. Haven't made her Pasta Primavera ... will def have to try it.

    I have a litany of Giada recipes that I swear by. Hmmm ... maybe that's a blog post (or 10!) sometime soon? :)