Sunday, September 13, 2009

i need a champagne sink

But then again, don't we all? Over the top? Probably. Do I want? Hell, yeah.

Cordial cast iron sink from Kohler:
The Cordial sink is an all-in-one entertainment idea, perfect for washing and rinsing glassware, preparing garnishes, staging drinks, and cold storage for wine and other beverage bottles. Included in the purchase price are a cutting board for garnishes, a stainless steel pouring tray for preparing beer and mixed drinks in the sink, and an ice-mold for creating a block of ice that nests in the basin with several holes to chill up to three bottles of wine or other beverages.

I think it's super wonderful in this Roussillon Red:


  1. Yes, I agree. You, of all people, need one.

  2. Reminds me of college when I had to fill our washing machine up with ice and put it on 'gentle cycle' to get our beer cold. You still can't buy cold beer in Oxford.