Wednesday, September 9, 2009

some sound economic advice has the right idea (though I'm not sure I'm ready to give up some of my Chilean and Australian faves!) I want that poster. Greatness.

And this is fun too:

This year, we’re shooting for more than 50 bloggers and writers from around the United States and Canada (who aren’t in California or the Pacific Northwest) to write about “wine from around here” -– wherever “here” might be. You can write about any wine you want, and you don’t have to be some of sort of wine geek. If you like local wine and you have a blog, we want you.

If you’d like to participate, send Dave McIntyre an email or drop us a note here. All you have to do is to post something during the week of Oct. 11-17 and send us the link. We’ll post the link on, which will act as a portal to allow interested readers to find you and other bloggers who are writing about local wine. All we ask that you mention and Regional Wine Week in your posts and on your blog leading up to Oct. 11 so we can get that viral Internet thing working.

It's been a challenging couple of weeks. After my stats methodology class tonight I think I'll pull the cork on the bottle of Becker Vineyards Merlot, currently burning a hole in my wine cooler.

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  1. I love Becker's Viognier - a great refreshing white for a really hot day (which hopefully are ending soon).