Monday, September 14, 2009

rest in peace, mr. swayze

--"You can rest now. Just hang on, Mattie. It's okay... Daddy'll be here soon. Come on, Mattie. I'll hold you as long as I can... You can lean on me, Mattie... I'm so tired... " [Swayze, as Jed in Red Dawn]

Mankind lost a wonderful Houstonian today. Patrick Swayze ended his ferocious and honorable battle with pancreatic cancer.
Cancer sucks ... but pancreatic cancer is fucking evil incarnate. The hideous disease has claimed the beautiful lives of two loved ones -- not to mention the parents of two more very dear friends.

Sickens me and makes me weep -- quite literally.

Patrick Swayze, you gave the disease all you had. I've no doubt you're in a fantastic place. I'm sorry your life had to end so painfully and unfairly; but you leave behind countless fans.


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