Thursday, July 30, 2009

football flip flops

Aren't these cute? OKA b. Chloe flip flops! OKA b. is pushing them in their fall collection, aiming the impressive range of collegiate colors at those crazy college kids. Anyway, being that temps for Texas Aggie football games hover in the mid to high 90s until at least the end of October, these puppies are right up my alley.

I grabbed a pair in Cranberry. They make them in Grape too, K :). Mine arrived yesterday, and I couldn't wait to tear into the box! Here they are:

I'm such a ginormous OKA b. fan. Their slogan--Shoes That Love You--couldn't be more appropriate. And I love them right back.


  1. Super cute. I'm curious if they're more comfortable than OKA b's slide-ons. Those hurt. I can't even wear mine. They just tease and taunt me ... looking adorable ... from my closet.

  2. These are comfy. Like wearin' nuthin'.