Monday, July 13, 2009

what i have in common with charlize theron & will smith

Illume Candles.

ILLUME is known for its vibrant home fragrances which have a loyal celebrity following including Madonna, Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Colin Farrell and Christina Aguilera. Illume can be found in more than 4,500 specialty retail and department stores internationally, including Bloomingdale’s and Anthropologie.

ILLUME's pillar candles are known for being the very best. Our pillars have a very high fragrance load. For this reason, a small amount of fragrance migrates to the surface of the candle and sometimes stains the packing paper. This characteristic will not effect the candle's performance.

I bought a couple this weekend at jim.n.i in Historic Downtown Bryan. Their aroma is out of this world. Talk about intense. They don't burn as evenly as Yankees; but these natural oil candles give off a scent that makes you want to weep.

I bought two: Bamboo & Agave and Pomegranate. Here they are, burning in my home sweet home:

Illume candles and a glass of wine: This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


  1. I will have to try those! :)

  2. I have something in common with Colin Farrell.

    Love the candles.