Tuesday, July 28, 2009

his & her vanities

Jaxson and I are in desperate need of our own space in the master suite. Just this morning as I was getting ready, I had to nudge him out of the way not once, but twice. It was a passive-aggressive moment (caught on film), and I feel as if our relationship is suffering as a result:

So I'm thinking that my next estate must have his and her vanities. Kohler has a nice little set-up on their website (notice the small flat screen and coffee maker betwixt the two sinks):

It's entirely too masculine for my taste, but the inspiration (and privacy) is all there. Until we're ready to move . . . I guess I'll continue to wait patiently in line . . . to use my own sink.


  1. I would never need to leave that bathroom... I could have my morning coffee while watching fox news and get ready all at the same time! It's genius :) Don't get in Jaxson's way, he might bite you... haha!

  2. I saw an interview years ago with Sally Jessie Raphael (and her big red glasses) where she said that the secret to a successful marriage is separate bathrooms.

    The same might be true for you and the six-fingered man (meow).