Thursday, July 23, 2009

so damn cheesy

Um, anyone have plans August 7-8? The American Cheese Society (how am I not a lifetime member?) is holding its annual conference; and this year they're meeting right down the road in Austin. Unfortunately, you have to be a member (snobs) in order to attend their shindig. I'm seriously thinking about joining at the "Non-professional/Student/Enthusiast" level ($90), just to attend the Festival of Cheese (!!!) on that Saturday. Allow that to sink in for a minute: Festival of Cheese. I'm drooling and becoming more than a little weak, just thinking about it.
Experience the culmination of a week of celebrating the best of American cheese! The premiere cheese event in the United States showcases all of the cheeses entered in the Annual Judging & Competition. Described as, "the most outrageous display of cheeses ever experienced," you have to see it to believe it. Whole Foods Market invites you to join in this amazing celebration.
Here's the entire conference agenda; and it appears the Cheese Sale on Sunday is open to the public:
This sale gives attendees and locals a chance to buy fantastic cheese at head-turning prices.
I'll leave you with a little eye candy from Cheese + Champagne:

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  1. I say we crash the party. I'm up for a roadie to Austin.