Saturday, July 18, 2009

saturday snack, grading papers, etc.

As every teacher knows, grading papers sucks ass.

So to help me along as I read 30 essays (vomit), I just whipped up a Saturday afternoon pick-me-up: salmon and cream cheese on pumpernickel and a margarita. I switched up the marge a little, using Licor 43, rather than my usual Grand Marnier. The result is very nice and tasty.

Oh yeah ... on a somewhat funny, completely random sidenote: I blogged earlier this morning about purple and orange. Well I'd ordered some new navy blue running shoes (damn these shin splints) on eBay last week, and they arrived this morning. Guess what? The navy blue is really ... you guessed it ... purple! I actually think they're pretty nifty, though! The universe is crazy, right?

Back to the lime-enhanced grindstone ....

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