Monday, July 20, 2009

my italian vacation

"Life offers you a thousand chances . . . all you have to do is take one." --Under the Tuscan Sun

I'm not going on an Italian vacation. As desperately as I crave a vacay of some kind--any kind (I don't recall when the last time was I went away for pure R&R), a trip is not in my immediate (or not so immediate) future. But I continue to dream of Italy. Specifically, the Amalfi Coast. I want to go so badly, I can taste it. I've always felt like I was meant to be there, you know? It borders on intoxicating.

A small taste of my mental holiday, even if only for a few fleeting minutes:

Brunch at Caffè Positano

A boat tour of the Amalfi Coast

Positano's famous handmade leather sandals at Safari

Late lunch at La Caravella in Amalfi

Church of Santa Maria Assunta

A stroll through Giardini di Augusto (The Gardens of Augustus) in Capri

Champagne and oysters at sunset - Le Sirenuse

Dinner at Lido del Faro in Capri

or maybe at Francischiello in Villazzano?

A Limoncello di Capri in a Positano garden to end the evening

Some day. Sigh. Some day . . . .

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  1. What beautiful photos! I cant wait to visit there. We just got back from the mountains and though it was very charming it doesn't come close to comparison.