Thursday, July 30, 2009

shut up. this is not real.

Oh, but it is. Snuggie Dog.

Those regular, human Snuggie blanket commercials--the ones with the people wearing shit-eating grins as they knit, take in a sporting event, or work on their laptops ... all while wrapped in the monk-like comfort of a Snuggie--were sad enough. Now we get to listen to the plaintive whines of Peanut as his owner attempts to shimmy a normal dog sweater over his head (as opposed to blanketing him in a Snuggie Dog coat).

My favorite quote from their website: "Your dog will love wearing its very own Snuggie™ ...." So silly.


  1. Oh.My.Gosh. Gracie and every dog in my family will have one of these by Christmas! I am not going to order yet because I hope they come out with more color options... Who knows, I might just have to get an adult sized one for me :)