Friday, August 7, 2009

directv devastation

DirecTV is in the process of upgrading its digital receivers--something to do with providing HD broadcasts of local channels. So about a month ago I received a phone call from a pleasant woman wanting to schedule an installation date for the replacement of my TV receivers/DVR. Today was the day.

The gentleman who arrived was very nice. He even took care of a long-standing DVR problem about which I hadn't previously gotten off of my ass to address. He was appreciative of the icy bottles of water I gave him (triple digit temps can be especially brutal when a large part of your job occurs outside), telling me I could call him in the future if I ever have TV problems.

Then "it" happened.

When the technician had finished, he was showing me the bells and whistles on my new receiver when I noticed ALL OF MY DVRd PROGRAMS WERE GONE. Nooooooooooooooooo! As if the crushing news of John Hughes' death wasn't enough . . . .

You're probably thinking: "So what, Beverly. Get over it!' Uh-uh. No wuh-ay. I had the most perfectly assembled DVR library. Often when I cook or make a new cocktail I'll refer to one of my gazillion Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa episodes (including several from her new Back to Basics programming). And when it comes to appetizers, no one beats Giada de Laurentiis's Everyday Italian and Giada at Home for fantastic ideas.

Then there was my stockpile of every single Ghost Hunters episode. Gone like yesterday. Also now history: numerous note-worthy and highly significant Aggie sports events, along with a few interviews from my favorite sports writer(s). And the movies. Oh, the movies. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, I hardly knew ye.

I'll undoubtedly pick up the pieces of my shattered small screen existence; but things will never be the same. And now I shall now go attempt to ease some of my pain by re-creating my "programs to record list." Sad clown. :(

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  1. But think of all the hours of challenging fun in trying to re-create it! Just like a puzzle!

    Speaking of, A Haunting is on tonight on the ID channel. You can start with those ....