Thursday, August 6, 2009

tea party

Hot tea has long been a staple in my British mother's beverage arsenal. Some of my earliest memories are of TyPhoo tea, knitted tea cosies (check out these darling examples!), Welsh aprons, and tea towels (dish towels, to us Americans). My mom's always been a sucker for tea towels--her Halloween collection is especially impressive--and I think I've inherited her affliction.

Not surprisingly, Etsy has some fantastic handmade tea towels. A few that I love:

Set of five linen tea towels (Etsy seller, shakyisles)

Moroccan Tea Towel (Etsy seller, sugarandfig)

Monogrammed Tea Towel (Etsy seller, ChickenTattoo)

Note: Each of these towels works fine with the Long Island variety of "tea" as well.

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