Saturday, August 1, 2009

nike + ipod

My sister gave me the heads up on this nifty little toy . . . and what a toy it is! The Nike + iPod sensor fits in your Nike+ shoe (or any other shoe--you just have to buy a small pouch for a non Nike+ shoe) and works in sync with your iPod to track your running progress. The sensor provides feedback onscreen (on your iPod) and through your headphones regarding distance, time, pace and calories burned. Pretty cool, huh? And at only $29, it beats the heck out of expensive running pedometers and watches--many of which I have found to be unreliable, regardless of price.

Since it's currently raining (yay!) I haven't taken mine for a test drive yet. But I'm fired up to try it as soon as I can. Apple continues to astound me. Now if they would just hurry up and release their Verizon version of the iPhone . . . .

EDIT: I just got home from my first run with my Nike+ sensor. LOVE IT. It's like having a running buddy :). One of my favorite features is the ability to press the center button of your iPod at any time, and a woman (or man--however you choose to program it) gives you a status update. It's awesome. And having it activated actually pushed me a little more than I usually go.

Back at home, I plugged my iPod into my computer, and I was redirected to a website that charts my progress, allows me to set goals, etc. Two exuberant thumbs up for Nike + iPod!

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  1. I have started running (read:jogging) again recently and I have heard about this thing... it sounds awesome and I should add it to the list of 9 million things I want from the Apple store!