Saturday, August 22, 2009

tailgating toys

Have I mentioned that the official countdown to college football season has commenced (kick-off is two weeks and counting, from today)? I'm thinking our small group of pre-game partiers needs to fancy things up a little this year.

Premium Margaritaville Trio Frozen Concoction Maker (Williams-Sonoma):

*Note ... not a clue what the hors d'oeuvres on the plate are, but they look equally tasty!

hot dog cast iron grill topper (the actual topper is correctly printed backwards; this one was reversed for photo purposes. No Aggie jokes necessary):

The grill topper is a portable ceramic coated cast iron grill rack that turns ordinary grilled meat into works of art by searing your choice of team logos onto the surface of your meat. Simply set the grill topper on your existing grill rack and pre-heat. Place your hot dog directly on the team logo, searing the image onto the meat as it cooks.


I'm torn between the following two coolers. Each has its perks.

Rolling cooler:
or Motorized Cooler Scooter (cracks my sheet up):

I especially love the description:
Why walk when you can ride?! Our new rideable cooler's 400 Watt electric motor propels you and up to 24 of your favorite 12 oz. beverages (and ice!) around the lot, beach, or neighborhood at up to 13 MPH. With a range of up to 15 miles per charge, you can take a load off while distributing beverages to friends and neighbors.

Ring bottle opener (pretty classy, huh?):Magnetic koozies (tip: make sure to remove these before packing up and heading home):

Beat the hell outta New Mexico!


  1. Those koozies are the shiznit ... and according to the website, they come in maroon too. Me likey for Lot J festivities.

  2. I just love the rings and the koozies!!